On December 1st and 2nd, our workshops are going to blow your mind!

Here’s the list of topics for our international conference workshops (taught in English):

  • Symfony Forms Master Class by Bernhard Schussek (one-day workshop)
  • What's new in Symfony 3 by Hugo Hamon (one-day workshop)
  • Deep Dive into Doctrine 2 by Benjamin Eberlei (half-day workshop)
  • Getting started with Rest by Sarah Khalil (half-day workshop)
  • Migration Guide to Symfony 3.0 by Nicolas Grekas (half-day workshop)
  • Profiling PHP Applications by Tugdual Saunier (half-day workshop)

Workshops are offered in combos, whether you choose half-day or full-day workshops, you’ll be registered for 2 days of workshops. We offer various combo possibilities to help you get the most out of your conference.
Now is the time to enjoy our special prices, SAVE BIG and really bone up on your Symfony skills! Coffee breaks and lunch included for all workshops.
Pre-conference workshops will be organized at SensioLabs headquarters: 92-98 boulevard Victor Hugo, 92110 Clichy.

Early bird combo price for two days: 890 €
Regular combo price for two days: 1 190 €


(Workshop tickets sold separately from the conference tickets.)

Register for a two-day workshop combo:

Workshops description:

- Symfony Forms Master Class
The Symfony Form component is one of the most powerful components of the whole framework. This workshop - led by the creator of the component himself - will teach you how to master this power. You are expected to have a very good knowledge of the component already. Based on that knowledge, you will learn about data transformation, data mappers, form events and dynamic forms, customization of core types, best practices for building your own applications, performance tweeks and other advanced techniques. In the course of these lessons, you will gather much knowledge about many details of the Forms internals that will help you at making better decisions and writing less code for the same features in your day-to-day projects.

- What's new in Symfony 3
Are you a Symfony developer or a newcomer in the Symfony world? Are your Symfony applications still based on Symfony 2.3 or 2.4? If yes, this tutorial is made for you! In this workshop, you will discover all the major features and best practices that were continuously introduced between Symfony 2.3 and Symfony 3.0. Moreover, you'll learn some techniques and tips to start preparing your code to be compatible with Symfony 3.0.

- Deep Dive into Doctrine 2
In this workshop you will learn about the Object Relational Mapper (ORM) Doctrine2 and how it works internally. We start with the basic features, object to table mappings, updating algorithms and continue with associations, lazy-loading, inheritance and querying. At the end you will have a clear understanding of how Doctrine ticks, which is a key requirement for using it productively in your projects.

- Getting started with Rest
This training is a quick starter guide to learn how to build CRUD RESTful APIs with Symfony and its famous community bundles. You will first learn the basic concepts of REST such as Richardson's maturity model, content negotiation, uniform interface... During the training, you will also build a small CRUD RESTful API using Symfony community bundles such as FOSRestBundle, NelmioApiDocBundle and JMSSerializerBundle.

- Migration Guide to Symfony 3.0
This training guides you to the migration step of your Symfony2 applications towards Symfony3. You will learn where and how to update a Symfony2 application code that uses deprecated features in order to make it compatible for the upcoming Symfony3 version. You will also discover the history, the strategy and the tools we designed to keep the migration path to Symfony 3.0 smooth and painless for developers.

- Profiling PHP Applications
You cannot improve what you cannot measure. That's why profiling applications should always be the first step before trying to improve its performance. Learn how to spot your applications' bottlenecks and how to adopt profiling into your developer pipeline. This workshop will introduce some PHP profiling tools such as XDebug or xhProf as well as